Tuffy Pad Company is a sporting goods manufacturer specializing in team sports products.We manufacture  football blocking equipment, goal post pads, exercise mats, wall padding and equipment bags.

Tuffy Pad's Products page.  Providing padding for sports, health purposes, martial arts, and Law Enforcement.
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  About Us  

Joe Burks, the founder and president of Tuffy Pad Company, believes that when you want something done right you should do it yourself.
And that's exactly what he did over 45 years ago when he founded Tuffy Pad Company.

Joe was a high school football coach at the time and was dissatisfied with the products available to his athletes. So he began designing and producing his own products. Better, safer products designed by someone with the inside story. And that's how Tuffy Pad Company started.

Today, with over 45 years experience, Tuffy makes a variety of athletic products for on the field and off the field use. Working with the pros - coaches and players - Tuffy develops products that perform like champions.

And we sell those products only to you, our customers. Not directly to schools, like some manufacturers of athletic equipment.

With Tuffy, you're assured of products that always perform like champions but never compete with your business.


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